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In July of 2016 we bought our dream home. That is, the home that we can raise our family in, haves parties and grow old in. Did it look like our dream home? No. But it had major potential and we loved it from first sight. It was located in an older community, in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The house was awesome, but had not been renovated or updated since it was built in the 70s. The lovely homeowner was ready for retirement and had decorated the house in a French Country style, with antiques, wallpaper and lots of brass.


Our immediate plan was to brighten the house up and our first update had to be the flooring. The house had Mexican tile that had been sealed several times with an amber tinted sealer which was scratched and in places flaking. In other words, the floors held the memories of a life well lived. Children were born and raised in this house and it had been truly loved. We can only hope that one day our floors are as worn with love and life.

Wooden Floor Renovation


We immediately reached out to Bruce from Floors with Distinction and he walked us through the process. We knew we wanted sleek and modern looking floors with wider planks. Then we needed to look at the tone and finish. We looked at a lot of samples before we decided on Naturally Aged Flooring with a light oak color.


Bruce measured and provided quotes for both demo (tile removal, smoothing of the floors, concrete leveling) and installation. Naturally we wanted all new floors in the house. Well, what you want and what you get are two different things. After reviewing the initial quote we spoke with Bruce about our budget and he came up with some smart solutions for saving. Firstly we decided to keep the old parquet flooring in the two bedroom for our boys. This way they can beat it up for a while before we address it. Not once have we regretted this decision, especially when the boys are throwing and dragging thing across their room.


Second, we decided to keep the tile in the office/guest room. These savings were huge but since the change in flooring were only in bedroom, we were able to maintain the flow of new wooden floor from the entry, into all the living spaces and in the master bedroom.


The crew went to work and ripped out the old Mexican tile in a matter of house. Bruce had warned us that demoing this particular tile creates a ton of dust. Boy was he right! We had pushed really hard to get this done before me moved in. thank goodness! Then the crew used a ton of self-leveling concrete and soon the installation or the floor was done.


We are so incredibly happy with our floors. It was a huge investment, but updated the entire house immediately and set the tone for the rest of the updates we were doing.



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