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Are you interested in trying our interior design services, but not sure what to expect?  Here are the main things to consider:

Do you have a strong vision for what you want your house to look like? If not, we can help you narrow down your options and define a style so that you have a cohesive look and feel throughout your house. Home design should stand the test of time. While trends can be a fun thing to participate in, we think your home should have a more timeless overall look. Incorporate trends in accessories, colors and art. That way, small adjustments can quickly update the look and feel with out requiring a complete overhaul.

An interior designer can help you make your home more practical and organized by looking for design solutions. Unused spaces can be reimagined and functionality can be improved.

Why should I pay for interior design services?

People are often afraid to hire an interior designer, because it can seem intimidating and expensive. That is something we would like to change and we offer free consultations as well as up front pricing. A local interior designer can also offer advice that will help you make sound investments, within your budget and avoid costly mistakes.

How does the interior design services work?

Types of interior design services - e-design   Fort Lauderdale interior design services

When we receive a call from a new potential client we immediately start thinking about what they need. Any clues that you give up front allows us to zero in on your design challenges and solutions quicker. At the first visit, we want to see your space and what you need to change. It is a great time to let us know what you like, what you would like to change, how you want the space to feel and function. Also, think about what kind of budget you have for the space.

Once we have a good idea of the scope we start planning out the project. We present you with a moodboard which is a board full of images that allow you to see our vision for the space. We will sometimes tweak the moodboard a little to make sure that you absolutely love it. If you want to move forward we agree on a fee and start working on the specific details. We will source furniture, chose paint, arrange for any contractor, electrician etc. to provide quotes. During the design process we can coordinate with contractors, painters etc. and make sure that all items are ordered and arrive. The last part of the design process is the installation.
Interior Design Services

What can I expect from interior design services?

Local interior designers are available to come see your space and meet with your family to truly understand what you need from your space. Sometimes clients get stuck on small details and hard decisions. A designer can help you navigate through those. Having a clear understanding of what the designer will provide is important so that you are both on the same page. For us that means often going above and beyond so that our clients are happy with the result.  We are able to handle all the purchasing of materials and furniture for your space and can often secure trade pricing on those items. If you would like a spaceplane we can provide one for you. For any structural changes we can bring in a licensed contractor or architect.

Having clear and upfront communication is key to both parties enjoying the experience and the result.
Interior design services in Fort Lauderdale

Types of interior design service

Full design service means we will be with you from beginning to end. For any out of town clients we also offer E-design,  a great way to still get access to our services.

Would you like to try our interior design services or looking for local interior decorators? You can reach us at  954-873-0680



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