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Spring Decor Ideas, Tips and Inspiration!

So spring is here? Right? Well, even if it’s still frosty out there spring will be here before you know it and let’s get inspired with these tips for spring décor ideas and inspiration.

1. Declutter

The first spring decor idea is to really setting the stage for whatever you bring in. Remove EVERYTHING from the holidays and make sure that everything you leave out has purpose or looks beautiful. We love to rotate things such as vases and candles so look in your cabinets and use what you have.

Decluttering also means taking a look at those areas that easily collect notes and papers (fridge, kitchen and desks). Just do a quick keep, toss and donate sweep through those rooms and put away bills etc. into pretty boxes.

spring decor ideas

2. Move spring fabrics in

The second spring decorating idea is to change out your darker and heavier items on the sofa. Replace winter blankets for fresh spring colors. Your pillows may just need new slipcovers, you can easily pick up a few new ones from your favorite store, but sometimes you find e better selection online.

Switch to lighter bed linens in spring colors. If your bedding is looking tired a new comforter will do wonders but just two new pillowcases with a fun design or color will refresh your bed instantly.

spring decorating ideas

3. Add a few spring decorations for the home

Look at your favorite vases, candles and runners.  All the stores have lots of fun decorative items for spring, but since you have decluttered and set the stage, a simple large vase on a white runner can be enough. Start with what you have! Updating the look on your dining table or perhaps your entry console will change the entire feel of your home.

Remove everything from you coffee table and start fresh adding in items that look pretty and crisp. Scented candles are a wonderful addition. Not only do they look pretty, but they remind you to sit down and enjoy the moment when you light them. Adding a fresh spring scent such as lilac or gardenia adds more to your spring atmosphere. We even like to buy seasonal household cleaners such as Mrs. Meyer’s Lilac or Peony scent.

Don’t feel the need to add items everywhere, let some extra airiness into your home and allow the light to bounce around the space.

4. Add greenery

We love visiting a local nursery for spring décor ideas and inspiration. Simple plants such as ferns and string of pearl are always beautiful. Orchids are always a beautiful addition to any home and nothing says spring such a potted tulips and hyacinths. A vase with cut flowers is our favorite way to add polish and beauty to coffee tables.

decoriting with flowers

Photo: Simona Solomon photography


5. Don’t forget your doormat!

A fun fresh doormat is just such an easy spring transformation. Whatever your style is, this is the fastest and easiest way to update your spring décor. Adding some pretty flowers to your entry is extra credit off course!

Hope these spring décor ideas and inspiration got you in the mood for spring.  Ready to start decorating? Well maybe start with a cup of coffee.


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