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So what is it about Scandinavia and its design obsession?

Is it the fact that these Northern countries have long dark winters that forces us to stay inside our homes more? Is it the closeness to nature that has inspired so many Scandinavian designs? Or is it the affordability and proximity to IKEA that has spread great design through the homes of Swedes and others?


While some words such as lagom and hygge have recently inspired trends throughout the world, Scandinavian design has long been very popular in the design world.
You likely already know of Marimekko, IKEA and Royal Copenhagen, but there is a whole new group of brands that are bringing Scandinavian style to the US.


Among them is Eightmood, a Swedish interior design brand that brings the newest in design at affordable prices. It is one of the first Swedish brands that have managed to produce décor that is still affordable for the every day consumer.


Swedish Style Throw Pillows - Eightmood Sweden Designs


Almost two years ago, when visiting Sweden, we came across Eightmood for the first time. We were furniture shopping, when we came across their textiles and accessories in one of Sweden’s most well known furniture chains. What amazed us about the products was that they offered great style for a very good price. They also offered enough product in different collections or “moods” so that the look really came to life.



While quickly growing internationally as an interior design brand, Eightmood is based in Malmo Sweden, close to our roots. This brand is cool and edgy. Their headquarter is in an old Salt Warehouse by the harbor.  Just typing this, makes me think of splashing waves, seagulls and that view across the ocean.


Scandinavian Interior Design Characteristics


Malmo is an incredibly creative city. It houses many cultural and creative institutions and people from all over the globe. Subsequently, the city has a beating pulse of its own.

Malmo offers what we in Sweden simply call “kultur” or culture in English. That means arts, music and creativity will offer unique events year round.



Scandinavian Design Inspiration


It is no accident that this is where Eightmood has its base. Their in house designers are constantly inspired and can lead trends rather than follow them.


Creative Scan Design for Home Interiors               Creating a Scandinavian Style Home


It was only recently we came across Eightmood again and we got to visit their showroom at AmericasMart Atlanta (read more here about our trip to Atlanta)

Some of our favorite products from the showroom were the sheepskin and leather products. They have developed very cool pillows and rugs from strips of leather that otherwise would be discarded.


Nordic Chair Designs for Home



Here are some of our other favorites. You will be seeing a lot more of Eightmood, we are excited to be able to use these products in our designs. Their mission to bring design into all homes aligns very closely with our design philosophy – and we love that.


scandinavian home decor trends

swedish design home decor pillows and throws

spring 2019 scandinavian home decor



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