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We just got back from our first trade show in Atlanta. What an inspiring experience!!! It was incredible to be surrounded by so many creatives and beautiful design. AmericasMart Atlanta offered 3 buildings with 17 floors of exhibitors and design inspiration! We arrived early in the morning and spent the entire day walking from showroom to showroom. We thought we would share some of our experience with you. Here are some of our highlights.


lil Pyar

Right off the escalator we bumped into this adorable kids line Lil Pyar. Their textiles and colors stopped us in our tracks. They have wonderful mobiles that will make kids’ rooms dreamy!

lil Payar


We love kids décor that is not to fuzzy but rather with fun patterns, soft pretty colors and a modern style. It is important to have a room that will grow with the kids so if we add in items that are very age specific, we like to do so with linens and pictures that can easily be changed. We also like to use wall colors that are neutral such as grays, blues and beige.





Another brand that caught our eye was Etu’home. Their installation of glass pendants was stunning!! They have a hand-blown look, and the European feel of this brand makes it very inviting and homey, yet the stunning materials and simple designs are very beautiful.

These pendants are so beautiful!


etuHome Pendants

Antiques Showrooms

It is always fun to visit a shop that has very unique items – going to a place outside your regular style will inspire you and make you rethink you design. While we do not use a ton of antiques, adding one or two will instantly give your space unique character. We love incorporating pieces from travels or family heirlooms. At the Market, we stopped into a few antique stores and were amazed by what they had to offer.


Antiques Showrooms


Things like old clocks, old paintings and signs are a great way to add something old to your walls. Also, remember that things don’t have to be 100 years old to be interesting. If you have an old racquet, ballet shoes or old trays, they make a cool addition to your personal collection or instant wall art.


Celadon Art

Next stop at the Market was Celadon Art. We had a lovely visit at their showroom and their selection of art was so beautiful. Here are some of our favorites.

These indigo stained photographs are amazing. The paper has folds and creases which adds to their vintage feel.

Celadon Art

We also love these over-sized flowers that have an old world feel.

Celadon Art - florals



Eight Mood Sweden

Eightmood is a Swedish brand which we have been following for a while. We were very excited to see them enter the US market, and are excited to start incorporating them into our designs. Everything is designed in Sweden, by Eightmood’s own designers, who organize the collections into moods. Eightmood is a very well thought out style and has a full line of décor items to make it easy for the customer to realize the full look. Visiting the showroom was fantastic! They offer endless inspiration!  Getting to see and feel all the new 2019 products in person was so exciting. We cannot wait to get these products into our hands, they embody Swedish style and design. Click here to read our blog about Eightmood

Eight Mood Pillows and Decor Eight Mood Pillows



Farmhouse Pottery


Farmhouse Pottery


We love traditional pottery with a fresh look so Farmhouse Pottery was an exciting visit for us. They have beautiful classic designs that still feel very fresh. We imagine that these items will be passed down for generations.

They also have other products for the home such as cutting boards, bowls and candles. They also happen to make the worlds coolest fly swatter. Hey, if you are gonna swat flies, why not do it with genuine leather?


Farmhouse Pottery - Swatter

It was an amazing day to! Time flew by and before we knew it, our Uber knight was ready take us back to the airport. So with sore feet, happy hearts and heads full of new design inspiration, we flew back home to Florida!

Thanks for reading!

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