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Yes, spring refresh is in full effect. We are tidying (thanks Marie Kondo) and we love to add some new fresh items with a fresh clean look. Why not start with the bedroom? Here are three ways to style your bed.

When we bought our home, the bedroom was worn and dated. It had wallpaper on every wall (blue flowers, yay!) and old parquet floors. Since then, we have replaced the floors with white oak planks and also covered the wallpaper (actually with paint). The bedroom was truly one of our last priorities since we have had a lot of renovations that needs to get done in the house. Still, it was wonderful once the blue flowers were finally gone!

This fall we needed to buy a new bed as well as a mattress. Since we wanted a decent mattress, we needed to find an affordable option for the bed. We wanted an upholstered headboard for the softness it provides but also because we love the look.  After looking for a while we decided on the Godfjord by IKEA. It has a beautiful grey fabric with beautiful details such as a split bed skirt and seams. In addition you can remove the upholstery to have it cleaned. Yay!

IKEA BEDWe left the room alone for a while but recently started making plans to finish up the bedroom. I have been looking at a ton of bedding options and decided on adding two big shams, a bedspread and something decorative. It needed to work with my existing white sheets and duvet cover. After lots of searching I and added two large Shams from Targets Fieldcrest line, as well as a large soft beige linen quilt that I scored at Homegoods for $49 (Similar to this). I also added this decorative pillow from Target.

large pillows       Linen quilt        Lumbar pillow


Next, we need to address nightstands and reading lamps. We are playing around with ideas for what to do with the wall behind the bed. Perhaps paneling or wallpaper, but that will have to wait a little. Either way, just having a really comfy bed is HEAVEN. Since we live in Florida we bought a cooling mattress cover and its amazing! We are very happy to not be sleeping in what we used to refer as “our canoes” anymore. (the old mattress was very bad).


We also wanted to put together a few inspiration boards for those of you that would like to refresh your bedroom with some new bedding. Here are three different styles; Classic, Fresh & Clean and Earthy. We love to mix and match and most of these would go well together. For a luxurious and cozy effect add several layers and different textures to your bedding.

3 Ways to Style your Bed - Option 1 - Classic Style Bed Linens

We love simple designs that are timeless and elegant. But, classic does not have to mean boring. Keep it fun by adding in blankets and pillows to break up sheet sets. This look can work in a lot of different colors, but black/white and grey feels like a fresh take on classic style.

  1. Bed     2. Sheets    3. Flannel Sheets      4. Sham      5. Bedspread      6. Blanket      7. Pillow



3 Ways to Style your Bed - Option 2 - Fresh & Clean Style Bed Linens

White and blue is always such a great look for spring and summer. We love adding in hints of soft beige too, it adds a modern feel to this classic color combination.

  1. Duvet cover     2. Pillows    3.  Pillowcase    4. Pillow   5. Sheet set   6.  Sham   7. Throw

3 Ways to Style your Bed - Option 3 - Earthy Texture Bed Linen Style

This looks combines linen, hemp and cotton fabrics. It is a cool and edgy vibe with simple cuts and patterns. Yes, you can go very bohemian with the style, but keeping things soft and simple feels more sophisticated. We tend to get bored with trends and by keeping it subtle you add a lot of longevity to your bedding.

  1. Sheet set   2. Quilt sham   3. Duvet set   4. Pillowcase   5. Hemp pillow


We hope you feel inspired to add a few new touches to your bedroom!  Sweet Dreams!




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