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A note from us about our home staging services:

Our company, The Nordic Design Company, is truly an interior design agency at heart but sometimes situations lead you to new adventures and home staging was a result of this.

Last year, we were asked by a couple of friends, who happen to be realtors, if we had ever considered offering home staging services. We said that we had never really thought about it but would of course be interested in trying so we started putting together some space plans for a few properties and a couple of month later, we did our first full home staging job. Then several months later and several staged homes later, we officially started to offer full service home staging as part of our general services.

Since we are located in Broward County, in the Fort Lauderdale surrounding area, we have mainly worked staging homes for sale in this area but have also tapped into Miami-Dade County and the Key Biscayne area. We absolutely have loved every minute of working with the homeowners and the listing agents and home staging has turned out to be so much fun and we have learned so much about this business. Using home staging services are a great alternative to having to purchase all the furnishings and it will hopefully help sell the property quicker than it would if it was shown unfurnished.

Our home staging services have ranged from helping the homeowner restyle their home and prepare it for listing photos, to doing full-service home staging and redesign with everything in mind including the hand soap. It is amazing how the right furnishings and accessories can help a new potential homeowner visualize how they can make a house feel like their future home.

Since every home staging property has its own style, it is of course important to have the right furnishings in order to bring out the very best of each house. We carry a wide selection of high-end furniture that suit most styles of homes from contemporary to more traditional and we love that by adding the right accessories, we can style a home to feel more eclectic and showcase the personality of the house.

We have included some images below with some before and after from listings that we have worked with so far this year.

If you are interested in our full-service home staging services, please feel free and reach out to us, we would love to hear from you and see how we can work together.

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