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Today we are talking about some home improvement projects that your real estate client could do to potentially help sell their home for more.

We realize that any improvements have to make sense to do financially and dependent on the listing price; therefore, the extent of the repairs/ updates will be based thereof.

Home Renevations to Help Sell the Listing for More

Here are some areas that can make a big impact on getting the listing get sold. (And happen to be some of the many updates we can help you with to sell your listing for more!)


This is major. If the home has dated or dirty carpets this will be a major turn off for new buyers. Change out the carpets or change out the look completely by putting in new flooring throughout such as laminate, vinyl or engineered hardwood. Again, material would depend on the listing price. We do know that using the same flooring throughout will tie together each room making the house feel more pulled together.


Update Paint to Sell House

Fresh paint inside and outside will make a HUGE difference. We all have our favorite colors, but to sell a home, a nice calm neutral will signal clean and fresh and most likely will make the home feel larger inside than if using darker colors. New paint on the outside will also make the home feel fresh and well cared for.


South Florida Home Improvement for Realtor Listings

Scrub and paint any doors and trim. Newly painted doors and trim will also signal clean and fresh. If the doors are in bad shape, think about replacing them all together.

Curb Appeal

South Florida Realtor Staging and Home Improvement Services

Clean up the landscaping and add some new fresh plants. Adding some additional pizzazz by the entrance is well worth the money. Add a planter or two, a new doormat and a small sitting area if there is enough room.


This is understandably an area where a seller might not want to put too much money towards. However, if the overall bathrooms are in good shape, new paint, new faucet and possibly mirror and light fixtures can go a long way. A bathroom can be old but it cannot feel dirty so any improvements here will make the seller think that they can live with that bathroom until they have money to maybe do a full reno.


Sell Your Listing for More

The same rules apply here as to the bathroom. If the cabinets need a fresh coat of paint do so. Maybe update a dated backsplash and update the kitchen faucet. If any appliance is in bad shape, think about replacing them as well. This will make the kitchen feel clean and the buyer can see themselves live and cook in that kitchen until they redo it to what they want.


We, The Nordic Design Company, can help your seller with all these areas. Please give us a call at 954-873-0680 and we would love to see what we can help you and your seller with to get your listing sold for more. We are based out of South Florida and have helped many Realtors and sellers get their listing sold in the Tri-County, Greater Miami Area (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach).


Johanna & Viveka

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