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If you are asking yourself, “how can I sell my house quickly”, the answer is with some TLC.  With a little sprucing up and some inexpensive home repairs and improvements, you can have your house off the market in no time at all. Check out or helpful 6 tips to sell your house fast. And if you need some expert help to get the job done, let us handle all the hard work!

Selling your home can be a bit stressful and oftentimes emotional.  You have grown to love and cherish your house for the home you have built and the memories you have made.  The key is to make potential buyers fall in love with your home just as you did.  Create a space that other families can envision themselves in.  While some professional assistance does help in the long run, there are some things that you can do this weekend to help sell your house quickly. Whatever time crunch you are under, rest assured there are a few tricks and tips for selling your house fast.

1. Spruce the Place Up

home improvment services before selling home

A clean, fresh, and airy space speaks volumes.  Think of this as your spring cleaning.  Deep clean each room, baseboard, ceiling fan, bathroom tile and carpet.  Don’t let any surface go untouched.  Now is also the time to get to any of those little repairs you have been meaning to fix.   Patch up spots or scratches in walls, doors, and molding and fasten any loose tiles or squeaky doors.

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders to brighten the place up.  Choose a neutral color that will appeal to most buyers, creating a fresh canvas for them to envision themselves in.  Refresh your kitchen and living spaces.  Upgrade to new hardware and replace any dated fixtures that you may have around the house.  Some minor investment will help your home show better and sell your house quickly and for more.

2. Declutter and Organize

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and get to organizing to make your interior look spacious and appealing.  Declutter your closets and cabinets to clear up space and create the illusion of having more storage.  Although you may have outgrown your home, potential home buyers are looking for a house that they can grow into with a functional design and storage.  Avoid potential staging mistakes and keep everything light and crisp.  Think minimalistic; pack away some of your personal items and knickknacks that make rooms look small or chaotic.

3. Set the Stage

You want to paint the picture for potential buyers.  Help them envision themselves making memories, having family dinners, taking a bath, lounging on the sofa, and hanging out in the yard.  Set the dining room table and put some lavender in the bathroom with some candles.  Place some fluffed pillows and a throw blanket on the sofa and refresh and tidy up your garden.  Open the curtains and allow the natural light to pour in on your plants and freshly cut flowers.

Often it can be a big help to swap out your furniture with staging furniture. You can get yourself all packed and ready to go, while the neutral yet modern staging furniture sets the perfect stage for potential buyers. With a staging consult, you can get a walk through of your home to see which of your furniture and decorations can still be used, or where the staging furniture and decorations can be incorporated. To sell our house quickly, stage your home and show them just how warm and welcoming it can be.

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4. Enhance Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything.  The outside of your house is the first glimpse buyers will have so it is imperative to have a well-maintained and tidy appearance.  Some tips for selling your house fast and creating a welcoming exterior:

    • Tidy up your landscaping, trim overgrown trees and hedges and plant fresh plants and flowers.
    • Clear walkways or set walking stones for a clear path to your freshly painted front door.
    • Clean the outside just as you did the inside and wash all windows, doors, and frames.
    • Replace anything broken or worn. Invest in a new light fixture or paint your mailbox.

5. Hire a Good Realtor

Work with a realtor that understands you and your needs.  Tell them what you love about your house and help them write a listing description that highlights your home and neighborhood to make it stand out.  They will know how to sell your house fast, list your home on all the important sites and help bring the buyers to you.

6. Let Us Show Your Home’s Full Potential

As two busy moms, we know what it is like to have a lot on your plate and be wondering, “how to sell my house fast?”.  When all is said and done, the best tips for selling your house fast is to call on the professionals.  Here at The Nordic Design Company we will help you show your home’s full potential and true beauty.  As interior designers at heart, we know what attracts potential buyers and how to display your home in a way to inspire. We offer an array of home staging services, from decluttering and small repairs and improvements to enhanced curb appeal and staging.  In these unprecedented times we can even do virtual staging consultations.


Give us a call today at, (954)-873-0680 for more information and tips for selling your house fast or click here to request a quote.  We are here to work with you every step of the way and help you sell your beloved home quickly.

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