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We love to take listings from plain to beautiful! We make sure that upon entering the property, the buyers can now see how the space can be used. We always take into account what the best use of the space would be for a potential buyer when doing any of our South Florida home staging projects.

The Nordic Design Co. recently staged this beautiful apartment in South Florida. We started by defining the entry and made sure that once you step out of the private elevator you are greeted by a welcoming and beautiful entryway. This is really key to making a great first impression to potential buyers and one of the things that can sometimes be overlooked when staging a home. We kept the furniture light and airy to go with the feel of the apartment.

home staging and decorations for real estate listings - South Florida


The main spaces of the unit are the living room, kitchen and dining area. In addition, a large balcony spans the length of the unit and offers incredible views. By staging the balcony we added tons of livable space and also created a beautiful view from the living room. A person can really envision themselves living and entertaining there when the right furniture and decor make the space seem more like home.

patio staging furniture and services in Fort Lauderdale and Miami


By staging the other spaces of the home, and creating different zones, buyers can envision how the different spaces can be used. Here, they can see how their furniture would fit and imagine how they can use the open concept space that has become quite popular in many homes.

Stage my home to sell fast


Our staging furniture is a blend of modern style and traditional luxury which is sure to appeal to buyers of any demographic and are perfect for South Florida homes. We like to keep the style clean, and colors mostly neutral with a few pops of color and greenery.

home staging services in Fort Lauderdale. Miami and Palm Beaches


This space was transformed in one day.  We can even include power washing, painting or cleaning to staging projects as needed. We can even do home renovations, such as to kitchens and bathrooms, to really get that top dollar for the listing. Here are a few other South Florida home staging projects we have worked on:

South Florida Home Staging Projects

South Florida Staging - Office Furniture

South Florida Home Staging


Staging a home for sale is such an important part in making the listing stand out on the MLS and also wowing buyers when they walk through the door.  Please let us know if you have a South Florida listing that we can stage or assist with.


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