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To some people, it might seem unnecessary to do anything other than clean and tidy up when putting a house on the market. So why hire a home stager when a home is already nicely furnished? 

The first instinct many homeowners have is that their house looks great the way it is, so why spend money on home staging services. It’s a common misconception that simply cleaning, de-cluttering and maybe making some minor home repairs are all it takes to ready a home for sale.

“Why hire a home stager when I can get my house in shape myself?” is a question people often ask before putting a home up for sale. What you may not realize, though, is how beneficial it is to professionally stage a home so it sells quickly and for the best price possible.

benefits of home staging - Miami Home Staging Services


The Benefits of Home Staging

You have a lot to gain when you hire a home stager, either before you put your house up for sale or to make it feel fresh if it’s been on the market for a while. Even though sellers might ask why they should hire a home stager when a living space looks fine, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not seeing your home with the fresh eyes that potential buyers will.


Sell It Faster

One of the main benefits of home staging is it helps sell your home faster. Home stagers are objective about the way your home looks and can easily point out that your furniture layout could be better or your overall décor needs a more classic look.  


Show The Home’s Full Potential

Reorganizing room layouts is beneficial for letting buyers see your home as a cohesive living space that’s orderly and inviting. Buyers walk into a home wanting to visualize the space as their own. A professional home stager helps this happen by making your home seem warm yet full of potential. They know which items to add or take away that will help buyers envision themselves actually living there.  


De-Personalize & Give Buyers The Look They Want

Home staging gives you an edge in the real estate market that many competing homes won’t have. Staging professionals make sure your furnishings are sleek and neutral with pops of color here and there to add interest. A clean, modern design with a Scandinavian look provides a light, airy atmosphere that buyers are seeking in homes today. 

Sell Your Home Faster With Home Staging in South Florida 


Allow Buyers to Envision Themselves Living There

Having furniture work within your floor plan can sometimes be a challenge. Home stagers know where to position your sofa and chairs, for instance, in ways that will make an area more inviting. It’s important to have delineated spaces that show buyers which room is for family time and where dinner guests will be entertained.


Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

You’ll want your home’s best features to be front and center when realtors show it. A home stager can highlight those features and also bring in artwork, rugs, accessories, and furniture that will make an even better impression on buyers, providing them with a luxurious feel. Imagine your home being transformed by a home stager into someone’s dream house. 

 How Much Does It Cost To Stage a Home?

Why hire a home stager when it’s money coming out of your pocket? Yes, it does cost a bit to stage a home, but when a professional puts your home to work, potential buyers viewing your listing will often be wowed by what they see and perhaps overlook things that could have turned them off. You will make up for the cost of staging (and then some) versus a price reduction in the home. 

The larger your home is, the costlier home staging can get as you will likely need more furniture for more rooms and spaces. The more expensive the sale price of your home, typically the higher your staging costs may be. Some home stagers, like The Nordic Design Company, will customize their staging furniture packages to your needs. You will be able to decide if certain rooms don’t need staging or what the best use of the furniture and decor will be for that specific home.

A professional home stager usually charges for an initial consultation, then submits a proposal for home staging services. Consider that a staged home is apt to sell more quickly and the investment can turn out to be an excellent one when you look at your bottom line.



Home Staging Services at The Nordic Design Comapny

At The Nordic Design Company, we offer a variety of home staging packages to suit your needs, beginning with a full in-home consultation. 

We will stage your home to sell, implementing our design expertise with personal touches that make it easy for potential buyers to imagine living in this inviting home that they will make their very own. 

To learn more about the benefits of home staging, call us today at 954-873-0680

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