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Nordic Design Interior Design Services

Home Design Services

We are currently looking for new projects and offer both “Room Packages” as well as tailored solutions based on your particular design needs. We offer a full complement of design services, with every level of involvement from help choosing building materials in renovations to decorating and decluttering individual rooms. You choose the solution that fits your budget and design need.

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Interior Design Service

Full Service

This is for the client who wants comprehensive design services. We can develop design solutions for you whatever stage your home project has reached. Whether you need complete design services throughout a full on renovation, help selecting materials for a new build or just an overall revamp of your interior furnishings. We will help you create an aesthetic that is attractive while proving a high degree of functionality to meet the needs of the people who will be living in your home.

For new builds or renovations we can work closely with your appointed contractor or architect, collaborating to create your ideal space. You can trust us to pick the overall details such as paint colors, furniture, fixtures, and accessories to complete your living space.

If you want to refresh the design aesthetic of your existing space, we can create an updated décor that incorporates your existing furnishings or create an entirely new design. You are left with a beautifully styled home that reflects your design and taste.

How it works:

1: Initial Consultation – One or both of our designers will come to your home for the initial design consultation. We’ll review your lifestyle and functional needs for the space, discuss your personal style and aesthetic preferences, and establish your budgetary guidelines. It’s helpful to have all family members present to get everyone’s input. We’ll provide an initial idea of our vision and photograph your space.

2: Design Proposal and Acceptance – During our second meeting, we’ll present you with our Interior Design Proposal. Upon your acceptance of your Letter of Agreement and Project Retainer, we’ll provide you with an Estimated Project Budget, timeline, and we’ll get started creating your new home design.

3: Design Process – We will create a beautiful Nordic design aesthetic for your space. This includes furnishings, accessories, and design elements. Once we present you with our initial design, we’ll work with you to refine it to suit your taste and needs.

4: Project Completion – If you’re remodeling or have a new build, we’ll work with your architect and contractors to create your ideal space. We’ll work with vendors to obtain and install the furnishings and accessories that bring your interior design to life. We will handle every detail of the design process to present you with your completed interior design project.

Interior Design Service


We love to have face to face client meetings but when that is not possible we offer E Design services. Of course this is also offered to local clients who just want to do the implementation of the plan/space themselves.

This online interior design service is for clients who wish to have help with picking and choosing furniture, accessories, etc. but want to implement the space plan themselves. This is ideal for anyone who wants a professionally designed space with the freedom to incorporate the design elements over time.

How it works:

1: Initial Consultation – You provide your designers with a description of your room space, along with likes, dislikes, color preferences, and budget. Include any inspiration sources that convey your taste and style. We’ll offer guidance on how to get detailed measurements and photos of your space so we can accurately design the ideal layout.

2: Design Process – During this collaborative process, you will message with your designers to bring your room vision to life. We will create an initial design board, with suggested furnishings and layout. After you provide feedback, we will refine the designs, adjusting furniture and layout to create an interior design that you love.

3: Final Design – Once your room design is finalized, your designers will present you with your completed design package. You’ll receive the following:

  • Custom Floor Plan – a rendering that shows your new layout and room design
  • Design Board – with fabric and paint swatches, wallpaper samples, and other recommendations
  • Shopping List – including sourcing for all suggested furnishings and accessories
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Interior Design & Home Decor Services

Customized Package

Your design needs might be different from what we have listed above. If you don’t need our full scale design services but would still like some interior design help, we will work around your home needs to create a customized service package that works for you.

This can be as simple as finding products or materials to decorate a small space, up to working with or helping to find contractors to re-design your entire home. We can meet with you in person, consult through video chats and emails, or both. We are committed to delivering whatever it takes to make your home design project a success. Just reach out to us via phone or e-mail and we will create a customized solution that suits your specific design needs.

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