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It’s official, The Nordic Design Company is up and running. We are so excited for the future and thankful if you are reading this very first blogpost!


This company is a dream of ours and is born out of our love for interior design and decorating. Our mission is to inspire people to take steps towards a more beautiful home. We believe that a beautiful home will make you feel happier and should also make your life easier.  By simplifying the decorating process and making it less intimidating, we want to make beautiful design accessible to all and on any budget.


So perhaps we should start with a brief introduction.  We both grew up in Sweden, the land of the midnight sun (which we have never seen). In the winter, days are shorter and in the summer, it never gets quite dark. Surely this is why most Swedes have an obsession with daylight, summer and the sun in general. This is so often reflected in the Nordic style. We love bright and airy interiors. Swedes are also closely connected with nature and its seasons. In the summer, we like to be outdoors from morning to night if possible. Our love of nature is often reflected in the design with the use of organic materials such as wood floors and greenery in many forms. As things bloom in our gardens we bring it in and when the forest offers berries and mushrooms we love to spend hours picking them and preparing them in our kitchens. This is what Swedes consider the good life. Simple pleasures and beautiful surroundings.


Our personal style is light bright and airy, so that is generally our vantage point for any space. However, there are so many other cool design styles out there and blending them together with personal style is what we find to be the most successful for our clients. We currently live in South Florida and are both new homeowners. Needless to say, this involves lots and lots of home updates. In between decorating and renovating we are busy raising our growing families. While it does get a little hectic at times, we love our crazy lives and running this design company is a great way for us to maximize the time spent with our families.


We hope you will follow along as we continue our design adventures. Soon our webshop will be open and you will be able to access some of our design products that way. Some of our escapades will be captured in our Youtube videos which you can subscribe to. We will post videos and other great design tips on the blog and y will find more on what we are up to on Instagram.


We will leave you with a few of our style mottos…

“Just paint it!”

“Use your best china”

“I think I need another scented candle”


Johanna and Viveka

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