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The Nordic Design Company: An Interior Design and Decor Company for the family-next-door

About Us

The Nordic Design Company

About Us

Welcome to The Nordic Design Company! We hope to inspire you to take steps towards a more beautiful home. We believe that just as an attractive home will make you feel happier, it should also make your life easier. That inspiration is why our designs are focused on functionality as well as beauty, creating home spaces that you will love to live in.

We were both born and raised in Sweden, where we developed an appreciation for light and airy designs with crisp, clean lines. Our long love of design led us to pursue a career as designers. We are currently enrolled at the Copenhagen School of Interior Design, living our dream.

We are now living in South Florida, where we are surrounded by brand new beautiful homes as well as older homes that have a more dated feel. We are both new homeowners and enjoy the challenge of giving older homes a fresh new feel. Sharing fresh, practical home designs that families can live in is our passion. Our goal is to help every family have a beautiful, functional home where they can joyfully live and grow.

Talking to homeowners, we discovered that many do not know where to start in order to give their home a makeover. Others had a vision of what they wanted for their home but still needed some assistance bringing their ideas to life. We knew we could help these families by creating home designs that meet their specific needs, with customized interior design services to fit everyone’s time schedule and budget.

We are a family company. We both answer to our own little “bosses” so don’t be surprised if you meet one of them at the office. Being parents has helped us grow as designers, because the experience has given us a great understanding of how real families live. This knowledge informs every aspect of our designs.

It also drives our determination to provide a variety of interior design services. We understand how important functional design is for families, and we are familiar with the challenges that busy family schedules can create. We wanted a way to provide quality interior design services for people with even the most hectic schedules or restrictive budgets.

Offering e-design interior decorating services as well as full service interior design consultations seemed like the perfect solution. It enables us to provide homeowners with the exact degree of interior design assistance needed, at a price everyone could afford. By simplifying the design process and making it less intimidating, we aim to make beautiful design accessible to everyone, on any budget.

We believe that blending practical solutions with beautiful style is the key to designing livable, attractive homes. Our philosophy is to furnish for a family, not around it. You can see this belief reflected in our practical space plans. We create inviting rooms that feature furniture, material, and accessory selections that enhance functionality while creating an attractive living space. We look forward to helping you decorate your home.


Viveka grew up in a small town in rural Sweden surrounded by horses. Upon completing primary school in Sweden dreams of spending a year abroad landed her in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 17 years later this is still her home and where she, together with South-African husband, is raising two young boys. Upon completing a BA in International Relations at Florida International University Viveka spent years working on programs and fundraising for non-profits in the area. After taking a break to raise two little wild things, Viveka enrolled at the Copenhagen School of Interior Design where she is currently pursuing a degree as an Interior Consultant. Viveka is a part of a large Swedish community in South Florida and is raising both boys to be bilingual. While she dreams of white winters, Florida is her home and she will remain in the land of the pink flamingos.


Johanna grew up on the countryside in the south of Sweden. With a mom who worked for an interior design magazine, design was always around her growing up and she has always had a big interest for making a place look beautiful.

She travelled to the U.S. to go to university and has a major in Public Relations. After graduating, she was hired for a local international insurance broker where she worked for many years.

Johanna and her husband Peter met through work and now they are raising two small kids together.

To further her knowledge of interior design basics and space planning, she enrolled at the Interior Design school in Copenhagen.

As an entrepreneur, mother and owner of a home undergoing renovation, she lives a very busy life but loves every bit of it.

what they’re saying

The Nordic Design Company took a thoughtful and patient approach in curating my exclusive luxury listing on the island of Key Biscayne out side of Brickell. It was an absolute joy to deal with the owner's and their staff! I know for a fact that their expertise in choosing of the materials created an energy in the home that was inviting and modern! Look forward to working on future projects together.

Adam Gurewicz


Viveka and Johanna just completed an entire home staging for us. They were absolutely delightful to work with and did an outstanding job. My home went from looking dark and old fashioned to crisp and modern. We decluttered, painted and bought some new accessories that worked wonders. I highly recommend their services!

Adrienne Frank

Home Owner

The Nordic Design Company staged a house for us to sell. They did an incredible job making the house a "home." They have a great eye for design and are a pleasure to work with.

Robyn Herbert Gottlieb

Coldwell Banker

Johanna and Viveka just completed my teenage daughters new bedroom. They were both so amazing to work with and did a fabulous job. They really listened to what my daughter wanted and gave her a wonderful tranquil space in which to sleep. They are a pleasure to work with and I could not have asked for a better team! Thank you.

Mandy Telfer

Designing my sons' room with The Nordic Design Company has been a pure pleasure! The team managed to design a playful room for my boys while also maintaining a classic look giving them a room that they can really grow with for many years. The Nordic Design Co. managed to incorporate all the things that were important to my kids including the color orange! Their suggestions and ideas and set up for the room went beyond all expectations. I never realized how much work to goes into really creating a beautiful space and they walked me through each step and included me in the process which I loved.

Claudine Burke

I needed help with my living room. It was a little dated, but also too formal so we never used it. It was such a fun process to redesign my living room with the help of The Nordic Design Company. They walked me through the process and helped me decide on a beautiful and functional design. Now my family uses the room all the time.