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Have Yourself a Swedish Little Christmas with These Holiday Decorating Ideas

It is time to  finish decorating for the holidays! Here are some holiday decorating ideas that you can use to keep your home décor stylish and fresh. The Nordic Design Company also offers holiday decorating services if you would like us to help.

Every year we look forward to Christmas and we love decorating for the holidays. It’s a great opportunity to invite friends and family over, so it’s the time of year that people seem to spend a little extra time and money on getting their home ready.

I guess Christmas and the holidays in general reminds us of our childhood and it seems like we often try to recreate those memories. For us, that means we think of dark evenings, snow, Christmas holiday decorations and Swedish Christmas treats.

Simplify your décor

This season we would like to encourage you to keep things simple when decorating for the holidays. Imagine the look you want to achieve and edit out things that do not fit in. They can always be used next year.

You may have to remove some of your regular décor in order for your holiday décor to shine. Keep your gatherings simple and sit back to enjoy. You family and your guest will enjoy your company more if you are relaxed.
christmas decorations ideaschristmas tree decorating ideas


Make it light and bright

Swedish Christmas décor centers around adding lights. We love to add lit paper stars in windows and light real candles when decorating for the holidays. Snowflakes and stars are everywhere.

Holiday decorations for the homePaper stars as holiday decorations for the home

Swedish Christmas ornaments

Add artisanal touches

In December Swedes flock to local Christmas markets to buy food items, sample new drinks and treats and also shop holiday decorations for the home. Often these markets will feature local artisans and handmade items that are perfect when decorating for the holidays. Sometimes these Christmas markets are held in big estates or castles and will give you lots of holiday decorating ideas and inspiration.

holiday decorations ideas

christmas decorating inspiration


A fresh tree is best!

The Christmas tree is always fresh. While it may be practical to have an artificial tree we love the smell and look of a real tree. We like to dress the tree fairly simple, using real materials such as wool. Etsy is a great place to find handmade items and you can feel great about supporting an independent shop owner.

christmas tree decorations ideas


Create a calm atmosphere

Holiday Decorating

The best part about decorating for the holidays is taking time to enjoy the process and sitting back to enjoy the result. We love to light a fire and cozy up with a mug of hot mulled wine – glögg. Blossa brings out a new version every year and it is an annual tradition to taste and compare to previous years. Every year the bottle features new artwork, so these bottles become a part of your décor.

Swedish holiday tradition Swedish holiday tradition

You can make your own by purchasing the spices at Williams Sonoma, or pick up the fruit drink mixer (mixes well with red wine) at your IKEA marketplace. Serve in smaller cups such as espresso cups and add nuts and raisins if you’d like. They pair perfectly with spicy gingerbread cookies.


Swedish holiday drink glogg for holiday gatheringsSwedish gingerbread for holiday entertainingSwedish holiday edition mug holiday entertaining 


Baking gingerbread cookies and building gingerbread houses is part of the Swedish Christmas tradition. Also , its the perfect thing to have in your kitchen for any last minute guests.

christmas inspiration

We wish you a magical holiday season! Here is a lovely children’s book with lots of Scandinavian inspiration which is available on Amazon or your local bookstore. We hope that these holiday decorating ideas have you excited to finish decorating for the holidays. However, we really hope that you will also make sure to sit back and enjoy the beauty of this season.

Happy Holidays!!!


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