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A new way to prepare your home for sale and get it sold for top dollar.

Help getting your home ready for showing - real estate listing

It’s time to sell your home but you aren’t sure if prospective buyers will see it’s full potential. Of course you want your home to look its best both in photos and in person when showing your home. You want someone to be impressed; to be able to see themselves living there; to be thinking they want to be sure to put the best offer in before someone else snags it up! So let’s get your house sold! And for top dollar! Let’s do a virtual staging consultation.


Being interior designers at heart, we have an eye for design and what makes a good impression on potential buyers. We work with sellers and real estate agents to make home improvements and stage the home they are listing. Typically home staging happens when we set up our staging furniture, accent pieces, and other decor, but we also offer staging consultations directly to sellers, where you simply use what you have and we help you get it arranged for the best look possible. In this time of social distancing we can even do this over video calls. For a flat fee you get our expertise and advise on how to arrange your home to look its best.



Staging Consultations

How Does a Staging Consultation Work?

We need to do a walk-through (in person or via FaceTime) of your space. We evaluate how the home is setup, what features we think you should emphasize and if you need to rearrange any furniture or decor.  We take note of where we can make the biggest impacts and what would be most helpful for getting the home sold for more. We then will put together and email a detailed staging report with recommendations you can implement. It might be things such as recommending paint, repairs, rearranging furniture, purging and packing items away. We have received great feedback form sellers and realtors after using our staging report. After the changes have been made, photograph and list your beautifully styled house and wow prospects. These buyers will appreciate not only being able to see the designed home in pictures but when they come to see the listing in person.


Virtual Staging Consultation ServicesHow Much Does a Staging Consultation Cost?

Our staging consultation starts at just $250 (very large homes may be slightly more). In the big picture, you are trying to sell probably one of your biggest assets, so it’s worth a little money up front to get a better return. You could be surprised at how far your dollar can go into making improvements that can substantially increase the value of your home or get buyers eager to put in a better offer.


How Do I Get Started?

Just fill out the form below to request a quote or reach out via phone or email. We will get back to you to discuss if you want to meet in person or for us to set up a virtual appointment. As mentioned, all virtual staging starts at $250. Let’s get to work!







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