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We love a good wallpaper and think is such a great way to add a lot of style and personality to a room.

You do not have to stick to traditional rules of wallpapering an entire room from floor to ceiling. Wallpaper can be applied only to an accent wall, above a chair rail, or even in the back of bookshelves. Think outside the box!
Applying wallpaper is not rocket science, but its great to have someone with experience help. Its important to get it level and smooth.

Here are a few of our wallpaper favorites and inspiration from Anthropologie.


Farrow & Ball Wallpaper

This soft pink wallpaper by Farrow & Ball is so pretty. In this rustic space it adds a touch of feminine style and polish.



tropical wallpaper

This wallpaper is called Endless Summer, we picture is as a beautiful backdrop in a bedroom. Its a touch of boho, but still pretty glamorous. We like.




Anthropologie wallpaper

Porcelain Flora would be as pretty in a bedroom as in an office, elegant and feminine but still subtle and soft.



Magnolia white checkered wallpaper

We love Joanna Gaines and her Magnolia wallpaper line is great. This white hopscotch paper looks like illustrated paneling – so cool!



wallpaper ideas

This is another cool wallpaper by Magnolia. We think it would be so cute in a nursery or kids room. Its pretty busy so perhaps limit it to one wall and pair with a soft white on the other walls.




wallpaper ideas and inspiration

Can you tell we are working on a girls room? Wading Flamingos by Cole & Son might be our favorite wallpaper for nurseries right now.

Use it as an accent wall or even in the closet and pair with warm white walls!



wallpaper inspiration

This lovely Japanese-inspired paper is so beautiful. The color is soothing and bright. Perfect for a bedroom accent.



Fornasetti wallpaper design

This is one of our long time favorites. Designed by Fornasetti, it is so moody and cool. We picture it in a bedroom behind the headboard or in an office as an accent wall. Paired with some black pieces is looks especially cool and edgy.


If you do not like the idea of a pattern repeating across an entire wall, Anthropologie also carries wallpaper murals. Its a cool and edgy look,they offer a lot of options with a vintage vibe.

Here is a very modern example that serves as a huge piece of art or backdrop in your room.

Wallpaper mural ideas

We hope that you got some inspiration. If you need some help selecting wallpapers we can help you with that.

To see some of the wallpapers we have used in our homes you can read our blog: Transforming a space with Wallpaper.


Thanks for reading!!!




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