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Focusing on the top rooms to stage when selling a house will help show your listing in the best light and attract your home’s future family.

As rental prices are on the rise and current mortgage rates are at an all-time low, many are looking to ditch their rental renewals and invest in buying a home. For home sellers, this is beneficial and allows you to play with your pricing and shoot high when you know how to stage a room and/or entire house.  Here at The Nordic Design Company, we have a special knack on where to start and the most important rooms to stage.


Why Stage Your Home?

Pricing your house competitively will certainly help it sell fast, but there is another way to sell your house quickly and for more.  The key is to stage it.  The art of home staging has been proven to help sell homes on average 73% faster.

Stage Master Bedroom - Fort Lauderdale Miami Home Staging Services

Because most buyers initially search for their future home online, having your home staged and photographed by professionals will go a long way.  Especially today, in these unusual times, potential buyers are only viewing homes in person that they are serious about.  Which is why you want to avoid  potential staging mistakes and let your home capture their attention at first sight by paying attention to key rooms to stage a property.

Don’t take it personal if your realtor suggests to move your furniture and things out and clear the space for fresh staging furniture. It’s easier to sell a home with staging furniture that is setup by professionals. A good set of staging furniture is modern, looks unworn, but you could easily imagine yourself living in it. You want it to be a clean slate for buyers and something that compliments the house. The right staging furniture is perfect for letting buyers see the home’s potential. Investing in renting staging furniture will help your home stand out and prove to increase its value.


What Does Home Staging Entail?

As professional home stagers, we have the eye and experience to set the stage for potential buyers.  We will use furniture, decorations, and key focal points to highlight the beauty and potential of your home.

Home buyers are looking at every little detail.  They are seeing your home with a fresh set of eyes, and a fresh set of furniture to stage the home’s rooms gives the best picture.  By focusing on the top rooms to stage when selling a house, you can help sell your house quickly.


The 5 Most Important Rooms to Stage.

1. Living Room

You want to make the living room an inviting space.  Find the central focal point and work around that space. A new area rug can do wonders to make a space feel clean and comfy. Add some modern, inviting furniture in the perfect placements and let it show the buyers how they can fill the space.  Allowing the rooms natural light to flow through with some fresh plants and flowers will breathe life into your space.

Rooms to Stage to Sell Home - Stage Your Living Room


2. Dining Room

Some homes may have a spacious dining room typically used for special occasions while other homes today might not even have a dedicated dining room. That doesn’t mean people don’t want to imagine a space for their dining room furniture, perfect for entertaining. You want your home’s future owners to envision family gatherings, dinner parties, and having warm home cooked meals there.

Set the stage for them by bringing in a long simple table and chairs and a few accent pieces. You could throw in a light area rug for some warmth and show them what an elegant yet functional everyday space it can be.

Top Rooms to Stage in House - South Florida Home Staging


3. Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and probably the most important room to stage.  You’ll want to show it off.  While you have created an efficient dining space, this is where most meals and get-togethers will be had.  Clear your counter spaces of everything but a nice cutting board or a bowl of enticing fruit.  Refresh your kitchen and keep it well-lit and clean.

Bring in barstools to your island, and if you have space, put simple table where everyday meals can be had.  Freshen it up with some décor to make the space feel like you want to spend a lot of time there.

Stage your Kitchen - Home Staging Services in South Florida


4. Master Bedroom

This will be your future homeowners’ sanctuary.  Make it feel welcoming and luxurious.  Declutter your closets and clear your floor space.  The less you have in your bedroom the more relaxed and tidy it will feel.  Add a light-colored comforter for a clean look and place curtain rods close to the ceiling to elongate windows and enhance the space. Using staging furniture instead of your own is a great idea. You can avoid possibly letting buyers feel the house is dated or too eccentric. You want to make sure the master bedroom will resonate with buyers.

Master Bedroom Home Staging in Miami Florida


5. Home Office or Guest Room

Just as important as the rest, especially in today’s environment, having a separate space for a home office is a big plus. As more people are working from home more often, a home office has become a must-have for many home buyers.  Even if the buyer isn’t in need of a home office, they can still appreciate this space as it helps them to envision an extra area in the home that they can use for their computer or even to use a guest room instead. Having the room staged with furniture can allow the buyer to see how they could utilize the space or even just show how spacious the room really is.

South Florida Staging - Office Furniture


Stage Your Home to Sell

Well-staged homes sell quickly in any market, but we know that preparing your home for sale can be daunting and overwhelming.  That’s where we come in.  Here at The Nordic Design Company, we want to make this a breeze, stress free, and maybe even a little bit fun.  Let us quote you on our staging furniture services, which you can rent by room or for the entire home.

Don’t think of home staging as another expense.  Think of it as an investment that will yield huge returns.  Click here to request a quote or give us a call at, (954)-873-0680 to find out more about our staging services.


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