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As a realtor, the advantages of staging a house are obvious.  It highlights the key features and helps potential buyers envision the property as their future home thus selling more quickly, often for a greater profit. Also, it will cost much more to make a price reduction on the listing than the investment to stage the home.

The question is not necessarily why stage a home, but rather how do you encourage sellers to stage their home with professional staging furniture.  Sellers may be reluctant or skeptical of the benefits, wanting to ‘test the market’ first.  We know that staging your home to sell gives you an edge and can help get a seller top-dollar or even more.  That is why we have written this article as a tool you can use to encourage sellers to stage their home.

Stage kitchen and dining area - sell my listing

Promote Staging as a Beneficial Marketing Tool to Sell

Many sellers believe that they can sell their home “as is”, but as an experienced realtor you know just how long that may take.  The longer a house sits on the market the more time, effort, and money that is wasted.  Do the math for your client.  Show them just how much a house “as is” could cost them compared to a professionally staged home.  Staging your house to sell is a powerful marketing tool that has proven to increase sale speeds on average 73%.  The quicker they sell their home the more money they will end up saving, and even gaining, in the end.  Here are some statistics you can share with them from the National Association of Realtors on the Profiles of Home Staging:

  • 40% of buyers’ agents reported that most of their clients were affected by home staging.
  • 83% reported that staging helped home buyers envision the house as their future home.
  • The most important rooms to stage for buyers was the living room (47%), master bedroom (42%), and kitchen (35%).

Encourage Sellers to Stage Their Home to Get the Best Returns

Give it to them straight.  Staged homes sell faster and for more.  They also inspire homebuyers to overlook small faults in a house and focus on the bigger picture.  Unstaged homes often remain on the market longer and run the risk of having to lower a home’s listing price.  They also tend to attract lower offers because buyers see an outdated home that needs work.  Encourage sellers to stage their home by comparing the cost of staging as a mere fraction of the amount lost from a price reduction.  Explain to them that staging your house to sell should not be viewed as an extra expense rather an inexpensive investment for getting the best return.

Rooms to Stage to Sell Home - Stage Your Living Room

Consider Offering Staging in Your Realtor Fees

By including staging in your realtor fees, you will mitigate the need to sell the idea to your clients and have them ask why stage a home in the first place.  With a package already planned out, just focus on explaining the benefits and ensuring them that you have got it all taken care of.  When it comes to staging you will not have to be cautious about offending a homeowner or jeopardizing a client.  Here at The Nordic Design Company, we are considerate about the way we present our staging preparations and how we approach a seller.  We take the burden off the realtor’s shoulders and do the dirty work.  We explain why staging your house to sell is important, our process, and our plans to homeowners, leaving you to be their trusted confidant.  We provide all the furniture to make a house look like a beautiful home and set everything up so it’s perfect for pictures as well as showings.

Team Up with a Home Stager

Including home staging in your services adds value to you and your team and demonstrates your high standards and dedication to your clients.  It shows how much you care about the process and your strategic plan to get their home sold with the best returns and their best interests at heart.  Earn a step up from your competition by teaming up with home stagers and giving your clients more bang for their buck by offering them the full package.

The Nordic Design Company specializes in home staging services with staging furniture that create crisp spaces and a refreshing pallet to help any buyer visualize their future home.  Our full range of furniture, accessories, and artwork mixes modern and traditional styles that are tasteful and versatile.  We focus on a design and layout that highlight a home’s beautiful features and potential.  For more information on staging your home to sell or if you are interested in teaming up, please reach out to us at (954)-873-0680.

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