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Get your home ready to sell quickly by staging it to appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. You can get your home sold faster and for the best price by taking advantage of these 7 home staging tips that will showcase your property’s best qualities and minimize some of its possible negative qualities.


1. Depersonalize Your Home

A huge home staging tip is to help potential buyers envision themselves living in your home. Store away family photographs, treasured mementos, children’s artwork, and marked-up calendars hanging on the wall.

Miami Real Estate Staging Services - Living Room

2. Up Your Lighting Game

A tried-and-true home staging tip is to change up the way you light your home to make it feel warmer and more welcoming. Use higher-wattage bulbs to brighten up living spaces, adding lamps if you need to stage a house to sell well. You’ll want ambient, overhead lights for general areas, task lighting for over counters, near desks and under cabinets, and accent lighting on walls and over dining tables. New lighting fixtures also make great touches to the home.

lighting is key for staging a listing

3. Make Your Home Smell Great

You may not realize any musty odors that exist in your home, but visitors will notice them as soon as they enter. Anything from a deep cleaning to a new paint job may be necessary. Place scented candles in strategic areas and add a few vases full of fresh, fragrant flowers at the home’s entrance and the main bedroom to fill the atmosphere with inviting aromas.

Small touches for home staging

4. Revitalize Your Kitchen

Clear away most of the items you usually have sitting out on your kitchen counters. A sleek space without toasters, blenders, and other small appliances open up the counter space where buyers will imagine themselves preparing their own meals. Place a new bamboo cutting board on a countertop near a small bowl of fresh lemons or limes to add a splash of color and interest. It is also a nice touch to have a potted succulent close to a sunlit window or a bunch of eucalyptus or fresh greenery in a clear glass vase on a counter. 

If your kitchen is outdated, you may want a little (or big) makeover.  Typically, a new kitchen will more than make up for the costs when selling.  Even something such as new cabinets can make a big difference.

Update kitchen before selling home

5. Rethink Your Living Spaces

The placement of furniture is vital when you stage a house to sell. If you have a large open floor plan, you’ll want to define certain spaces using area rugs. Each space should have a focal point around which you position furniture to make the area become a warm and inviting place to sit and relax. Using home staging services is a great way to help sell your home quickly by swapping out oversized couches and armchairs for a more streamlined, crisp, and airy look that will appeal to most homebuyers. At The Nordic Design Company, owners Viveka and Johanna have a great eye for design that sells a home.

How to Stage Living Spaces - Living Room Staging South Florida

6. Make Bedrooms a Haven

The main bedroom, especially, should be a place where prospective buyers can picture themselves feeling serene in their new future home. Make up the bed in luxurious, high-thread-count sheets topped with a plush duvet-covered comforter to give the room a premium hotel look. Any bedroom should have soothing wall colors and décor that is neutral to appeal to a wide array of prospective buyers.

Use professional home staging services to bring in bedroom furniture and accessories with clean, simple lines that will make potential buyers feel immediately at home.

bedroom staging - home staging services South Florida

7. Put the Dining Room on Display

Many potential buyers picture the dining room as their space for hosting a memorable holiday get-together, dinners with friends, or cozy weeknight family suppers. Home staging tips for a dining room are important, even if you personally use this room only as a spot for paying the monthly bills. If you think your dining room furniture is outdated or in poor shape, our home staging services at Nordic Design Company can outfit your dining space with a beautiful table, inviting seating, and a couple of accent pieces to give an elegant feel to this often-neglected room.

Stage Dining Room


The professionals at The Nordic Design Company can provide you even more excellent home staging tips, in addition to offering our home staging services that will showcase your home’s potential to the fullest. We offer home staging furniture for a few rooms or the entire house. We always personalize our staging services to make each home shine to its fullest potential.

For more information, give us a call today, 954-873-0680.

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